1 E. College Ave at S. Allen Street
4 Pattee Transit Center Eastbound
51 Curtin Rd at Pavilion Theatre
148 Curtin Rd at McCoy Natatorium
149 Curtin Rd at Shields Building
154 Curtin Rd at the Intramural Building
155 East Halls at Curtin Hall
156 1630 S Atherton St (CVS)
157 1661 S Atherton St (IHOP)
158 S Ath St at Rolling Ridge Dr Inbound
249 Colonnade Blvd at Home Goods
250 Colonnade Blvd at Target/Dicks
251 850 Toftrees Avenue - The View
252 Colonnade Blvd Opposite Kohls
253 Opposite 240 Toftrees Ave
254 240 Toftrees Ave (Turtle Creek Apts)
255 301 Toftrees Ave
256 Opposite 301 Toftrees Ave
257 359 Toftrees Ave (Parkgate Apartments)
258 350 Toftrees Ave (Turtle Creek Apts)
260 Cricklewood Dr at N Barkway Lane
261 Cricklewood Dr at S Barkway Lane
262 Cricklewood Dr at Wilts Lane Outbound
263 Cricklewood Dr at Wilts Lane Inbound
264 541 Cricklewood Dr
265 711 Cricklewood Dr
266 Opposite 711 Cricklewood Dr
267 Cricklewood Dr at the American Ale House
268 Cricklewood Dr at Cricklewood Apts
269 Opposite 910 Cricklewood Dr
270 910 Cricklewood Dr
271 Presidents Dr at Varsity Lane Inbound
272 Presidents Dr at Varsity Lane Outbound
273 Village at Penn State Inbound
274 Village at Penn State Outbound
275 Cricklewood Dr at Cricklewood Circle
277 Fox Hollow Rd at Orchard Rd Inbound
278 Fox Hollow Rd at Orchard Rd Outbound
279 Porter Rd at Beaver Stadium East
280 Porter Rd at the Visitors Center
284 W College Ave at University Club
285 N Atherton St at Walker Building
286 Village at Penn State - Atrium Outbound
287 Curtin Rd at Bryce Jordan Center
309 Village at Penn State - Atrium Inbound
355 Curtin Rd at Stadium West Parking Lot
356 Curtin Rd at Visual Arts Building
357 Pattee Transit Center Westbound
358 Burrowes Rd at Rec Hall
359 Burrowes Rd at Beta Theta Pi House
360 S Burrowes St at the James Elliott Bldg
361 Beaver Ave at Schlow Library/CATA Office
362 S Pugh St at E College Ave
363 Opposite 240 S Pugh St
364 240 S Pugh St (Days Inn)
365 S Pugh St at E Nittany Ave
366 S Pugh St at E Fairmount Ave
367 S Pugh St at E Hamilton Ave Inbound
368 S Pugh St at E Hamilton Ave Outbound
369 S Pugh St at Waring Ave
370 909 S Pugh St
371 1015 S Pugh St
372 1006 S Pugh St
373 Easterly Pkwy at Old Boalsburg Rd
375 1218 S Allen St
376 S Pugh St at E Ellen Ave
377 1248 S Atherton St (Citizens Bank)
378 S Pugh St at Bradley Ave
379 1306 S Atherton St
380 S Atherton St at Norma Street
381 S Atherton St at Whitehall Rd
382 S Atherton St at Science St
383 Science St. at the Ramada
384 East Marylyn Ave at Foxdale Village
385 West Brand Road at Creekside Plaza
386 Hills Plaza Inbound
387 301 Rolling Ridge Dr (Mt Nittany Res)
388 Rolling Ridge Dr at Hills Plaza South
389 Opposite 383 Rolling Ridge Dr
390 Opposite 501 Rolling Ridge Dr
391 Windmere Dr at Wellington Dr
392 Radnor Rd at Regent Ct
393 Geisinger Medical Center at Scenery Park
471 N Atherton St at Douglas Dr
472 N Atherton St at Hawbaker Industrial Dr
473 N Atherton St at Fairwood Lane
474 N Atherton St near Fairfield Inn
475 Colonnade Blvd at Chicos
476 Colonnade Blvd at Wegmans
700 Toftrees Avenue near Beaumanor Drive
701 Toftrees Avenue at Alma Mater Drive
738 Geisinger Grays Woods
755 Woodledge Dr Inbound (To Campus)
756 Woodledge Dr Outbound (To Toftrees)
761 Colonnade Blvd at Kohls
802 North Athernton St at Galen Dr
819 125-127 Presidents Dr
820 Presidents Dr at Tradition Dr
832 Woodledge Dr at Woodledge Circle
833 Woodledge Dr opposite Woodledge Circle
834 N Atherton St at Alexander Construction