1 E. College Ave at S. Allen Street
9 801 Toftrees Avenue - The Station
15 801 W Aaron Dr (Park Forest Apartments)
16 1003 W Aaron Dr (Copper Beech)
52 E College Ave at Atherton Hall
150 University Dr at the Pegula Ice Arena
151 University Dr at Hastings Rd
247 W College Ave at N Barnard St
251 850 Toftrees Avenue - The View
254 240 Toftrees Ave (Turtle Creek Apts)
256 Opposite 301 Toftrees Ave
258 350 Toftrees Ave (Turtle Creek Apts)
277 Fox Hollow Rd at Orchard Rd Inbound
279 Porter Rd at Beaver Stadium East
288 W College Ave at N Sparks St
290 W College Ave at N Butz St
292 W College Ave near Corl St
294 1445 W College Ave
296 Opposite 1506 W College Ave
319 Toftrees Ave at Hillside and Fox Run
326 Toftrees Ave at Wildridge Apts.
355 Curtin Rd at Stadium West Parking Lot
425 Blue Course Dr near Teaberry Lane
428 Havershire Blvd. across from The Heights
430 Havershire Blvd. at Northwick (Outbound)
431 Havershire Blvd. at Rushcliff (Outbound)
478 Martin St at Park Crest Lane Outbound
480 Opposite 1400 Martin St
482 1471 Martin St (Weis)
484 1521 Martin St (Northland Bowl)
486 Park Lane at Devonshire Dr
488 Park Lane at Cornwall Rd Outbound
490 Park Lane at Shannon Lane
492 Park Lane at Park Forest Ave Outbound
493 Park Forest Ave at Northbrook Greens
495 Park Forest Ave at N Atherton Outbound
503 Vairo Blvd at Vairo Village (Upper)
507 Vairo Blvd at Vairo Village(lower)
510 Vairo Blvd at Tremont Outbound
512 Vairo Blvd at The Pointe Outbound
514 Vairo Blvd at The Bryn Outbound
516 Williamsburg Sq. - Holiday Inn/Spring Hi
521 North Atherton Place at McDonalds
624 1290 Circleville Rd
682 Circleville Rd at Knob Hill Pl
711 Circleville Rd opposite W Park Hills Ave
767 N Atherton St across from Sheetz
799 Fox Hollow at Big Hollow
824 Oakwood Ave at Copper Beech Oakwood
848 Blue Course Dr near West College Ave
890 Toftrees Avenue near Alma Mater Drive