1 E. College Ave at S. Allen Street
65 S. Atherton St at Hubler Rd (Outbound)
66 S Atherton St at Kennard Rd
67 Warner Blvd at Heritage Run Office Ctr
68 114 Mary Elizabeth St
69 Boalsburg Pike at Pine Tree Ave
72 Boalsburg Pike at Shrineview
73 Boalsburg Pike at Lee Ave (Outbound)
85 Jacks Mill Dr at Elksview
86 Bear Meadows Rd at Meadow Lark Lane
87 Tussey Mountain
88 Bear Meadows Rd at Mount Pleasant Dr
89 Jacks Mill Dr at Centre Estates
96 Boalsburg Pike at Lee Ave (Inbound)
97 Boalsburg Pike at Kimport(Inbound)
100 Boalsburg Pike at St. Josephs school
101 121 Mary Elizabeth St
102 Warner Blvd at Boalsburg Med Offices
103 S Atherton St at Circle Dr
104 S Atherton St at Warnock Rd
105 S. Atherton St at Hubler Rd (Inbound)
106 South Atherton Street at Scenery Drive
156 South Atherton at Creekside Plaza
157 1661 S Atherton St (IHOP)
168 3604 South Atherton (T and B Medical)
172 South Atherton at Villa Crest Drive
285 N Atherton St at Walker Building
358 Burrowes Rd at Rec Hall
359 Burrowes Road at Westgate Building
360 S Burrowes St at the James Elliott Bldg
361 Beaver Ave at Schlow Library/CATA Office
362 S Pugh St at E College Ave
363 Opposite 240 S Pugh St
364 240 S Pugh St (Days Inn)
365 S Pugh St at E Nittany Ave
366 S Pugh St at E Fairmount Ave
367 S Pugh St at E Hamilton Ave Inbound
368 S Pugh St at E Hamilton Ave Outbound
369 S Pugh St at Waring Ave
370 909 S Pugh St
371 1015 S Pugh St
372 1006 S Pugh St
373 Easterly Pkwy at Old Boalsburg Rd
375 1218 S Allen St
376 S Pugh St at E Ellen Ave
377 1248 S Atherton St (Citizens Bank)
378 S Pugh St at Bradley Ave
379 1306 S Atherton St
380 S Atherton St at Norma Street
381 S Atherton St at Whitehall Rd
382 S Atherton St at Science St
383 Science St. at the Ramada
384 East Marylyn Ave at Foxdale Village
386 Rolling Ridge Drive at Hills Plaza
387 301 Rolling Ridge Dr (Mt Nittany Res)
388 Rolling Ridge Dr at Hills Plaza South
389 Opposite 383 Rolling Ridge Dr
390 Opposite 501 Rolling Ridge Dr
391 Windmere Dr at Wellington Dr
392 Radnor Rd at Regent Ct
393 Geisinger Medical Center at Scenery Park
515 Boal Avenue at the Boalsburg Mart
730 Bear Meadows Rd at Roundhill Rd Outbound
731 Bear Meadows Rd at Roundhill Rd Inbound
825 Boal Avenue (Bus 322) at West Drive
857 Discovery Drive at Kestrel Drive
858 Discovery Drive at Wynwood House
859 Boal Avenue near Brookside Drive
860 Boal Avenue at Old Stone Lane
861 Windmere Drive at Scenery Court
862 501 Rolling Ridge Drive
863 383 Rolling Ridge Drive