4 Pattee Transit Center Eastbound
6 West Park Ave at North Burrowes St
38 Waupelani Dr opposite Jaru Copy
64 Waupelani Dr at Waupelani Lofts
212 W Whitehall Road at CATA
285 N Atherton St at Walker Building
315 Cato Ave at Enterprise Dr
316 Cato Ave at Research Dr
329 Waupelani Drive at OBryan Lane
374 S Atherton near S Allen Street
394 S Atherton St at W Beaver Ave Outbound
395 S Atherton Street at Highland Alley
396 S Atherton St at Fairmount Ave Outbound
397 S Atherton St at W Fairmount Ave Inbound
398 S. Atherton St. at Pizza Hut
399 805 S Atherton St
400 Research Drive at CATA
401 S Atherton St at Centre Lane
402 Waupelani Dr at S Allen St
403 Waupelani Dr at The Retreat
406 Waupelani Dr at Executive House
407 Waupelani Dr at Lions Gate Apts
408 445 Waupelani Dr (Nittany Gardens)
409 450 Waupelani Dr (Hearthside)
410 Waupelani Dr at Southgate Dr Inbound
411 Waupelani Dr at Southgate Dr Outbound
412 712 Southgate Dr
413 Southgate Dr at Highlandon Ct
414 Southgate Dr at Ashwicken Ct
415 Southgate Dr at Blue Course Dr
732 Waupelani Dr. at Briarwood Apts
856 West Whitehall Rd at Briarwood
867 The Yards at Old State
868 Blue Course Drive at Stratford Drive
1001 Thon Dr.