1 E. College Ave at S. Allen Street
4 Pattee Transit Center Eastbound
7 N Atherton St at Hillcrest Ave
8 1101 N. Atherton St (CVS)
46 1224 N Atherton St - Discovery Space
47 N Atherton St at Mitchell Ave Inbound
51 Curtin Rd at Pavilion Theatre
52 E College Ave at Atherton Hall
53 Bigler Rd at Computer Building
54 Shortlidge Rd at White Building
55 Pollock Rd at Millennium Science Com
249 Colonnade Blvd at Home Goods
250 Colonnade Blvd at Target/Dicks
252 Colonnade Blvd Opposite Kohls
285 N Atherton St at Walker Building
420 N Atherton St at Arbor Way
501 Middle of Oakwood Ave Outbound
502 658 Oakwood Ave
503 Vairo Blvd at Vairo Village (Upper)
504 Vairo Blvd opposite Vairo Village(Upper)
506 Vairo Blvd opposite Vairo Village(lower)
507 Vairo Blvd at Vairo Village(lower)
508 Vairo Blvd at Tremont Inbound(lower)
509 Vairo Blvd at Tremont Inbound upper
510 Vairo Blvd at Tremont Outbound
511 Vairo Blvd at The Pointe Inbound
512 Vairo Blvd at The Pointe Outbound
513 Vairo Blvd at The Bryn Inbound
514 Vairo Blvd at The Bryn Outbound
516 Williamsburg Sq. - Holiday Inn/Spring Hi
517 Oakwood Ave at Texas Roadhouse
518 Middle of Oakwood Ave Inbound
519 Oakwood Ave at Benjamin Ct
520 North Atherton Place at Walmart
521 North Atherton Place at McDonalds
522 1611 North Atheron (Champs)
523 1450 N Atherton St at Hoss
524 N Atherton St at Denton Ave
525 N Atherton St at N Hills Place Inbound
526 N Atherton St at N Hills Place Outbound
527 N Atherton St at E Clinton Ave
704 Vairo Blvd at North Atherton Place
705 1612 N Atherton St (KBB Realtors)
709 972 Oakwood Ave
710 Opposite 972 Oakwood Ave
714 Oakwood Ave at Vairo Village Comm Ctr
715 545 Oakwood Ave (Copper Beech Oakwood)
761 Colonnade Blvd at Kohls