9 801 Toftrees Avenue - The Station
39 1100 W Aaron Dr (Copper Beech)
40 720 W Aaron Dr (Aaron Village)
152 University Dr at Lot 83 West
153 University Dr at Jordan Center Gate D
246 W Beaver Ave at S Barnard St
251 850 Toftrees Avenue - The View
253 Opposite 240 Toftrees Ave
255 301 Toftrees Ave
257 359 Toftrees Ave (Parkgate Apartments)
276 Oakwood Ave at Vairo Blvd
278 Fox Hollow Rd at Orchard Rd Outbound
280 Porter Rd at the Visitors Center
287 Curtin Rd at Bryce Jordan Center
289 W Beaver Ave at S Sparks St
291 W College Ave at Buckhout St
293 W College Ave at Hoy St
295 1400 W College Ave
297 1506 W College Ave
361 Beaver Ave at Schlow Library/CATA Office
426 Blue Course Dr at Blue Course Commons
427 Havershire Blvd. at The Heights
429 Havershire Blvd. at Northwick (Inbound)
432 Havershire Blvd. at Rushcliff (Inbound)
476 Colonnade Blvd at Wegmans
477 Martin St at Park Crest Lane Inbound
479 1400 Martin St (Parkcrest Terrace)
481 Martin Street at Herman Drive
485 Park Lane at Aaron Dr
487 Park Lane at Cornwall Rd Inbound
489 Park Lane at Sierra Lane
491 Park Lane at Park Forest Ave Inbound
494 Park Forest Ave Opposite Northbrook
496 Park Forest Ave at N Atherton Inbound
498 1870 North Atherton Street
499 N Atherton St at Chick-Fil-A
504 Vairo Blvd opposite Vairo Village(Upper)
506 Vairo Blvd opposite Vairo Village(lower)
508 Vairo Blvd at Tremont Inbound(lower)
509 Vairo Blvd at Tremont Inbound upper
511 Vairo Blvd at The Pointe Inbound
513 Vairo Blvd at The Bryn Inbound
517 Oakwood Ave at Texas Roadhouse
520 North Atherton Place at Walmart
563 University Drive ramp at The Meridian
564 E Beaver Ave at Calder Commons
565 E Beaver Ave at Beaver Hill Apts
625 1381 Circleville Road
700 Toftrees Avenue near Beaumanor Drive
703 Circleville Rd at W Park Hills Ave
704 Vairo Blvd at North Atherton Place
708 Circleville Rd at E Park Hills Ave
712 Toftrees Ave at Squirel Run Apts.
713 Toftrees Ave at the Carnegie Inn and Spa
766 N Atherton St at Northwest Bank
789 Fox Hollow opp Big Hollow
849 1610 West College Ave (Waffle Shop)