1 E. College Ave at S. Allen Street
4 Pattee Transit Center Eastbound
7 N Atherton St at Hillcrest Ave
8 1101 N. Atherton St (CVS)
46 1224 N Atherton St - Discovery Space
47 N Atherton St at Mitchell Ave Inbound
51 Curtin Rd at Pavilion Theatre
52 E College Ave at Atherton Hall
53 Bigler Rd at Computer Building
54 Shortlidge Rd at White Building
55 Pollock Rd at Millennium Science Com
285 N Atherton St at Walker Building
405 Galen Drive at Haverford Circle
420 N Atherton St at Arbor Way
421 215 Blue Course Dr (Near Shell)
422 Blue Course Dr at BB&T Bank
423 Northland Center Outbound
424 Northland Center Inbound
425 Blue Course Dr near Teaberry Lane
426 Blue Course Dr at Blue Course Commons
427 Havershire Blvd. at The Heights
428 Havershire Blvd. across from The Heights
429 Havershire Blvd. at Northwick (Inbound)
430 Havershire Blvd. at Northwick (Outbound)
431 Havershire Blvd. at Rushcliff (Outbound)
432 Havershire Blvd. at Rushcliff (Inbound)
433 Circleville Rd at Farmstead Lane Inbound
434 Circleville Rd at Farmstead Ln Outbound
435 Valley Vista Dr at Oak Hill Apts Oubound
436 Valley Vista Dr at Oak Hill Apts Inbound
437 Valley Vista Dr at Bachman Lane Outbound
438 Valley Vista Dr at Bachman Lane Inbound
439 Valley Vista at Devonshire Outbound
440 Valley Vista Dr at Devonshire Inbound
448 Valley Vista at Oakley Dr Inbound
461 Amblewood Way at School Drive
467 Carnegie Dr at Vista Lofts
468 Carnegie Drive at Valley Vista Drive
469 Valley Vista Dr Opp Lowes Center
470 Valley Vista Drive at Lowes Center
483 Valley Vista Dr at Oakley Dr Inbound
738 Geisinger Grays Woods
830 2520 Green Tech Dr. at CVIM
831 Green Tech Dr. at Center for Dermatology
869 Amblewood Way at Cedar Heights Church
870 452 Amblewood Way
871 Amblewood Way at Galen Dr
872 Galen Dr. at opp Haverford Circle