1 E. College Ave at S. Allen Street
52 E College Ave at Atherton Hall
160 Opposite 1031 E College Ave
161 E College Ave at Your Building Center
162 E College Ave at Squirrel Dr Outbound
169 E College Av at Hickeys
170 E College Ave at Puddintown Rd
171 1031 East College Ave (Lettermans)
328 2601 E College Ave
330 E College Ave at Struble Rd
331 E College Ave at Nittany Commons
332 E College Ave opp Nittany Commons
333 E College Ave at Limerock Terrace
361 Beaver Ave at Schlow Library/CATA Office
564 E Beaver Ave at Calder Commons
565 E Beaver Ave at Beaver Hill Apts
661 1026 Benner Pike
662 1015 Benner Pike
663 Opposite 1317 Benner Pike
664 1317 Benner Pike
667 Opposite 2780 Benner Pike
668 2780 Benner Pike
669 Benner Pike at Centre Peace
670 Benner Pike at Rolling Ridge Rd Outbound
671 Benner Pike at Quarry St
672 Benner Pike at Butler Lane
673 Benner Pike at Bel Air Hills Rd
674 3482 Benner Pike
675 Willowbank St at Walnut St
676 Willowbank St at W Water St
677 Willowbank St at Valentine Hill Rd
678 Willowbank St at Valentine Hill Rd
679 W High St at N Spring St
680 West High St at the YMCA
684 N Allegheny St at W Lamb St
686 E Linn St at N Ridge St Inbound
689 E Linn St at Armor St Inbound
690 E Linn St at N Wilson St Inbound
693 N Wilson St at Centre Mart
696 N Allegheny St at W Howard St
706 2932 Benner Pike
707 2903 Benner Pike
745 Benner Pike at Barnes and Noble
753 East College Ave at Green Acres Lane
754 East College Avenue at Grandview Road
762 Benner Pike Opposite Ellis Lane
763 1225 Benner Pk
809 East College Ave at Citi Clean
817 Benner Pike near Stonecrest Dr
818 Benner Pike opposite Stonecrest Dr