19 310 North Harrison Road
24 opposite 310 North Harrison Road
152 University Dr at Lot 83 West
153 University Dr at Jordan Center Gate D
154 Curtin Rd at the Intramural Building
155 East Halls at Curtin Hall
160 Opposite 1031 E College Ave
161 E College Ave at Your Building Center
162 E College Ave at Squirrel Dr Outbound
165 Nittany Mall Main Entrance
169 E College Av at Hickeys
170 E College Ave at Puddintown Rd
171 1031 East College Ave (Lettermans)
311 Nittany Mall near Macys
320 Nittany Mall (Sears Auto)
327 E College Ave at Woskob Industrial Park
328 2601 E College Ave
330 E College Ave at Struble Rd
331 E College Ave at Nittany Commons
332 E College Ave opp Nittany Commons
333 E College Ave at Limerock Terrace
356 Curtin Rd at Visual Arts Building
357 Pattee Transit Center Westbound
358 Burrowes Rd at Rec Hall
359 Burrowes Road at Westgate Building
360 S Burrowes St at the James Elliott Bldg
361 Beaver Ave at Schlow Library/CATA Office
564 E Beaver Ave at Calder Commons
565 E Beaver Ave at Beaver Hill Apts
573 Governors Gate Apartments
574 Opposite 291 Governors Park Rd
575 291 Governors Park Rd
576 Opposite 1001 Airport Rd
577 1001 Airport Rd
584 E Bishop St across from PennDOT office
585 East Bishop St at Beaver Farm Lane
586 E Bishop St at the Burger King
587 E Bishop St at Bellefonte High School
588 E Bishop St at High Sch Football field
589 E Bishop St at S McAllister St
596 E Bishop St at S Wilson St
597 E Bishop St at Shope St
598 E Bishop St at Badger Lane
599 E Bishop St at Blanchard St
600 Blanchard St at E Crawford Lane Inbound
601 Blanchard St at E Crawford Lane Outbound
602 Blanchard St at Humes Rd
603 Blanchard St at Union Rd
604 Opposite 614 Blanchard St
605 608 Blanchard St
606 724 Blanchard St
607 Blanchard St at Spring Brae Ct
608 1309 Blanchard St
609 Opposite 1309 Blanchard St
610 N Harrison Rd at Weaver Hill Rd Inbound
611 N Harrison Rd at Weaver Hill Rd Outbound
612 668 N Harrison Rd
613 N Harrison Rd at Limestone Dr
614 N Harrison Rd at Central PA Institute
615 N Harrison Rd at Supelco/Sigma Aldrich
616 N Harrison Rd at GE-MAR Ave Outbound
617 N Harrison Rd at GE-MAR Ave Inbound
618 129 Harrison Rd
619 136 Harrison Rd
620 218 Harrison Rd
621 Harrison Rd at Jodon Ave
622 S Main St at Sunset Ave
623 Sunset Ave at S Main St
626 South Main St at Jodon Ave
627 South Main St at Whiterock Ave
628 S Main St at Bilger Ave Outbound
629 S Main St at Bilger Ave Inbound
630 S Main St at Griffith Lane Inbound
631 S Main St at Griffith Lane Outbound
632 N Main St at W College Ave
633 105 N Main St
634 N Main St at Mack Ave Outbound
635 N Main St at Mack Ave Inbound
636 Melanie Ln at Danielle Dr
637 Melanie Ln at Vanessa Dr
638 Vanessa Dr at Tealbriar Dr
639 Gwenedd Lane at Steeplechase Dr
640 Steeplechase Dr at Tealbriar Lane
641 102 Steeplechase Dr
642 128/132 West College Ave
643 West College Ave at Norman Ave
644 200 W College Ave
645 211 W College Ave
646 W College Ave at Breons Lane
647 W College Ave at Robinson Lane
648 Opposite 550 W College Ave
649 550 W College Ave
650 W College Ave opposite Drivers Exam Ctr
651 W College Ave at Drivers Exam Center
652 W College Ave at Peru Circle Inbound
653 W College Ave at Peru Circle Outbound
654 E College Ave at Transfer Rd Outbound
655 E College Ave at Transfer Rd Inbound
656 East College Ave at Summit Park
658 3400 East College Avenue
659 3315 E College Ave
660 Shiloh Rd at Nittany Mall (Sears)
745 Benner Pike at Barnes and Noble
750 Bishop St at Grand Rental Station
751 Opposite 1068 Zion St
753 East College Ave at Green Acres Lane
754 East College Avenue at Grandview Road
782 Blanchard St opp Meredith Lane
783 Blanchard Rd at Rosewood Cove
784 Blanchard Street at Terra Sylva Lane
785 Blanchard St at Meredith Lane
809 East College Ave at Citi Clean
842 244/248 Gwenedd Lane
850 Zion Road at Centre Street
851 Weis Market
852 Zion Road at Park Pl (Kish Bank)