107 University Dr at Royal Rd (Inbound)
108 University Dr at Nimitz Ave (Inbound)
109 University Dr at Legion Ln (Inbound)
110 1001 University Dr
111 University Dr at E. Waring Ave (Inbound)
112 University Dr at Bellaire Ave (Inbound)
152 University Dr at Lot 83 West
153 University Dr at Jordan Center Gate D
154 Curtin Rd at the Intramural Building
155 East Halls at Curtin Hall
157 1661 S Atherton St (IHOP)
160 Opposite 1031 E College Ave
161 E College Ave at Your Building Center
162 E College Ave at Squirrel Dr Outbound
334 Pike St at Limerock Terrace Inbound
336 Pike St at Hickory Lane Inbound
338 542 Pike St
341 Pike St at Dale St Inbound
342 Pike St at Mary St Inbound
356 Curtin Rd at Visual Arts Building
357 Pattee Transit Center Westbound
358 Burrowes Rd at Rec Hall
359 Burrowes Road at Westgate Building
360 S Burrowes St at the James Elliott Bldg
361 Beaver Ave at Schlow Library/CATA Office
564 E Beaver Ave at Calder Commons
565 E Beaver Ave at Beaver Hill Apts
754 East College Avenue at Grandview Road
864 Pike Street at Shady Drive
865 E. College Ave at Clover Rd